Friday, December 21, 2012

More Than Just Birthdays!

Extreme Fun enjoys hosting Birthday Parties, but we have lots more to offer!
Why just bring the kids for open play and birthday parties, when Extreme Fun has lots of other programs for your kids to enjoy? Extreme Fun believes that there are all sorts of wonderful reasons to celebrate. We specialize in private team parties, holiday gatherings, and field trips. All our kids love to bounce on our huge inflatables and mom and dad always love our clean and climate-controlled environment. If you would like more information just contact us :)

Extreme Fun-Team Parties

taminator, team.jpg, March 4,2006, Creative Commons Liscence

After a long, hard season, set up a team party at Extreme Fun to pay them back for all the hard work they have given! Team Parties are always fun with bounce houses and cotton candy! Coaches or mom and dad just need to call and we will give you a great deal for your kids to play together one last time. Inflatables and indoor playgrounds are the best way to insure the kids have fun without the uncertainty of outside weather.

Extreme Fun-Fundraisers

Extreme Fun takes great pride in helping out our communities. Bounce house fundraisers are a great way to have fun and make a little extra money for your cause. Your guests will love our bounce houses, video games, cotton candy and much more- and, of course, your organization gets to keep between 30% to 50% of all proceeds. Call Extreme Fun today and lets make a difference together!

Bounce house-Field Trips

Hey teachers and caregivers! Are you looking for a great place to bring the kids? Extreme Fun's indoor playground located in the Macomb and Meridian Mall is the perfect destination to bring the kids. Field trips are a great way to reward the kids and still give them a healthy and fun place to play. Call Extreme Fun and ask about group rates.

Indoor Playground-Holiday Parties

The holidays are here. Are you are looking for something different this year? Would like something fun that would even be something that would entertain the families? Extreme Fun is a great place to have your annual reuion or holiday party! We have tons of extra space for you and your guests to make some fun memories together of a bounce house Christmas. Call Extreme Fun and we will take care of the rest.

Extreme Fun Group Passes

Extreme Fun is all about bringing in the groups that give bacl and stick together. From church groups to the Scouts of America, Extreme Fun's Indoor bounce house playland is non-stop excitement and healthy fun. If you have a group that loves inflatables, video games, cotton candy and likes to have fun, call Extreme Fun.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mrs.Weber's Neighborhood

Extreme fun is always happy to hear that we have happy mommies here in Michigan, but we are really happy that Mrs. Weber is super happy about our indoor bounce house in east Lansing.  We made the list of cool places to take your kids at our Macomb and Meridian Mall locations.  If you looking to have a birthday party for your child in East Lansing don't forget to contact Extreme Fun. We are always running birthday deals for kids!
  Activities for Kids in Okemos and East Lansing Michigan sometimes lack energy, but Extreme Fun indoor bounce house is all about the families in Okemos and East Lansing.  Moon walks and bounce houses are a great way for the kids to have healthy fun.   If you are looking for things to do with the kids in Okemos or East Lansing don't forget about Extreme fun.  Extreme fun is located in the Meridian Mall in Okemos. We specialize in making the kids happy.  Bounce houses, video games, music, Moon Walks, party pad rooms for birthdays and much more.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Join Us!

Extreme Fun is all about bringing healthy activities for kids in Metro Detroit.  Growing up, I remember running indoors and outdoors all day long and even sometimes at night with my friends and family.  Extreme fun is super happy that not only are we providing a fun and inexpensive form of entertainment, but a good way to get the kids to moving and running. Extreme Fun is on the move and continues to find ways to add more fun activities for families and kids.  Bounce houses and moon walks are becoming a great way for kids to stay busy and healthy during those long winter days.  When mom and dad look up "activities for kids" or "indoor playgrounds" we want Extreme Fun to be on the top of the list.  Remember we have 2 locations in Michigan (Macomb Mall and Meridian Mall) and we are happy to announce that we are going to open up a new location in Southfield Michigan!  If you would like to book a party please click here! Remember to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for deals.